Hcg dosage for weight loss should be maintained by every individual undergoing the treatment. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone is naturally produced by pregnant females in their initial months.

Studies and researches show that both men and women can take this hormone. It is available in various forms like oral drops, pills and muscle injections.

A normal person above 16 years can take 125 to 200 i.u every day. Over dosage or improper use of this glycoprotein hormone might lead to health issues like headache, nausea, muscular cramps, abdominal pains and vomiting.

The Hcg Conversion Chart :

  • 30 drops per day = 125 i.u.
  • 36 drops per day = 150 i.u.
  • 42 drops per day = 175 i.u.
  • 48 drops per day = 200 i.u.

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Does Hcg Dosage For Weight Loss Really Work?

  • Consumption of Hcg dosage for weight loss can shed 20 to 40 lbs within 2 weeks. It speeds up metabolism process by burning fatty substance into useful calories. As we all know faster digestion need bulk energy. You are likely to lose visible bulges and flabby muscles from your body if you continue taking this hormone foe 2 to 3 weeks.
  • It works as an effective weight reducing agent because this hormone suppresses your cravings for food, especially junk and deeply fried ones without hampering your general metabolism. Basically, this glycoprotein substance goes on cleansing fats from all parts of the body and burns them into energy.
  • The prime aspect of the Hcg dosage for weight loss is that you have to uphold a very low fat diet say 500 calories per day. Initially, for 2 days you have to feed on high fat diet. After that once your Hcg treatment starts, a fat less diet should continue throughout the treatment.
  • Homeopathy Hcg that comes as diluted oral drops are usually taken under the tongue. An ampoule containing 2 OZ of this hormone has enough medicine for 4 weeks. A whole day course should not exceed more than 200 i.u.
  • Hcg is available online and in drug stores in various forms. People who want to knock off extra pounds can find intra-muscular injections, pills and sub-lingual oral drops and can select the product best for them. The injection shots are quite painless if properly administered. But in case you are in doubt, you can always go for homeopathic oral drops that are usually taken under the tongue.
  • People using Hcg injections can consider taking the sub-lingual oral drops. As the hormonal proportion is same in every form, why you will undertake the painful shots when you have oral drops by your side.

Hcg Dosage For Weight Loss claims to shed one pound of abnormal fat daily. One should maintain a Very Low Calorie Diet for obtaining maximum results from this diet plan. Lose 21 pounds of abnormal fat in 21 days by taking up HCG diet Drops.